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Welcome! Thank you for visiting Bruno P.C. We are pleased to announce that we have recently merged with Stephan P. McMahon & Company, Inc. We are excited to have additional resources and new team members to provide exceptional service to our clients.

You can read our joint announcement letter by clicking here.

If you are an existing Bruno P.C. client, please see the Client Center and helpful FAQ’s below.

If you’ve come to us through one of our referral channels:  our professional partners, an existing client, or our internet presence, and are looking to become a new client and partner with us, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please click on the Contact Us button below. 

Client Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Christine Bruno and her whole team of professional and administrative players will be continuing in their existing roles.

We take a team approach. You should anticipate hearing from varied team members dependent on their role and particular experience and expertise. You returns and/or projects will be finalized and signed by a senior team member. If you ever have a question or concern please don’t hesitate to reach out to the office via email or a phone call and we’ll be sure to get you the right answer.

Not much! It stays locked away. We utilize best in class security protocols to include hardware and software as well as training for team on data security best practices. Christine and her team will be maintaining the historical information until the formality of each client’s transition is handled.

Just like you have in the past. The Plymouth office is very much open and operational – no change there. We love digital delivery and for that we can get you invited to our portal as well as provide our “secure send” option for a one-way delivery.

Selectively. We have a process that we go through with you to make sure the new relationship is a good fit for everyone.

Motivated, growth mode business owners who are looking for a partnership past compliance work. At SPM&Co, we act as your direct partner working with you to understand which business components weigh more heavily than others, and then produce curated plans and services to reduce those worries. To learn more about how we work, and our programs please click here.